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Book recommendations: Les grands défis du tennis & Perfectionnez votre tennis

Ivan Lendl adorns the cover of two French tennis books which are presented here in more detail. Alan Page’s ‘Les grands défis du tennis’ was published in 1988 and contains short portraits of tennis legends of the time as well as many high-quality photos by Henri Szwarc which are the real highlight of this 95-page book. The tennis guide ‘Perfectionnez votre tennis’ by Piacentini and Missaglia was released as early as 1981. It is also illustrated throughout in colour and is aimed at advanced tennis players on its 159 pages.

Following the traces of young Ivan Lendl

Until the age of 20, Ivan Lendl lived with his parents in an apartment on the 3rd floor of an apartment building at 18 Bachmačská Street in Ostrava. The original colour of the building was a rather bleak grey, which has given way to a fresher colour after the renovation a few years ago. A tree that Lendl planted himself as a young boy can be seen in the inner courtyard. Back then, Ivan Lendl could easily walk from his home to his tennis club ‘NHKG Ostrava’ at 4 Budečská Street in a few minutes. The club has changed significantly since the modernization and renaming to ‘Sport Centrum Ostrava’. However, three of the original tennis courts and an original grandstand have been preserved.

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